Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Black Sunn - GodSound (2dopeboyz/illRoots)

I posted about a previous album and EP by him before, but this is by far the biggest release The Black Sunn has dropped to date, with co-signs from a couple big blogs, 2dopeboyz and illRoots. Anyway as I've said before, I think this kid is a promising talent and seems to have a good handle on his sound, what beats he likes and what he wants to rap about, which isn't especially distinct, is really pretty garden variety old school conscious rap, but he does it well. There is a little more R&B on this record that I'd like, but it's alright.

The Black Sunn - "Dread Man" (mp3)
It's kinda funny to me how this song has a reggae feel and theme, but really the sample is The Police's "The Bed's Too Big Without You."

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I just listened to this. And I have to say, I wholeheartedly enjoyed it. Mind you, I've onl listened to stuff of his that you posted and I was like ehhh, and i remember no liking that 'Dread Man' song, but within the context of the album, it sounds pretty dope.
There's always room for improvement, but he definitely put together a nice little piece of work.
And on another note, that dude Mydus is a problem.
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