Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Black Sunn - The Sunn Is Black EP (Hungry Heart Ent.)

I first posted about one of The Black Sunn's older records last month, and at the time mentioned that he had an EP and a full-length on the way soon. The album, GodSound, is coming out on Tuesday, but in the meantime I wanted to post about the EP, which has been out since September and is 6 dope tracks produced by Damu the Fudgemunk. Once again, I'm just consistently impressed with this guy, who just has a good laid back vocal presence, gets his point across well, and kind of operates within a specific aesthetic with a sense of purpose, I'm really excited to see how the album turns out. I also like that his label is called Hungry Heart Ent, because "Hungry Heart" is the song where Springsteen mentions Baltimore, even if that's not why they used the name. Check out The Black Sunn's MySpace page to hear the EP, and the GodSound release party is at Red Maple on Tuesday.

The Black Sunn - "Puttin' In Work" (mp3)
This has a sample from Office Space and kinda follows the usual workplace theme, but is probably my favorite track on here.

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