Thursday, September 03, 2009

Young Sac - Da Best Flatout!! Mixtape Vol. 1 (DJ Reddz)

The first time I met Young Sac was at a little 'town hall' thing at 5 Seasons last year, and to tell the truth before I even heard his music he left a bad impression on me just by being really obnoxious and disruptive at the meeting and interrupting people. So I think the first time I sat and tried to listen to the mixtape I got from him, I wasn't really feeling in part because of that. I kinda set it to the side for a while, in part because of that, in part because it came with a DVD, and I try to watch any DVD that comes with a CD before posting about the CD, but the flipside of that is I fucking hate rap DVDs and put off watching them as long as possible. So it took me a year and a half to watch the short bonus DVD with this mixtape, which had some pretty good Young Sac freestyles, but also some totally tedious shit like 5-10 minutes of a guy doing tricks on an ATV that made me feel like hours of my life were slipping by. Oh yeah, so the mixtape, it's not bad if you're into the whole cocky post-Dipset trap rapper style. He's got some strong songs and good production here and there when it's not too generic. I've run into Sac a couple times since then and he was friendly and gave me some other CDs he's on that I still need to listen to, so shout out to him, not hating on his grind at all. He really has one of the worst rapper names I've ever seen though, I mean you probably shouldn't want to remind people of a ballsack with your name. You can download the mixtape at

Young Sac - "Park Heights Strut" (mp3)
This track is real clever, for the hook they sampled Jim Jones when he shouted out Park Heights on a song with D.O.G. a few years ago. This was produced by 3rd Infantry, I wanted to give them a little shine because I know they've been working recently with my friends at Mobtown Studios, who posted another Young Sac/Third Infantry track over on their site.

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Big Bully was also shouted out in the D.O.G. song by Jim Jones. T.A. Gang..BANG!!
haha al you're sounding real exasperated
Great mixtape!!
good stuff
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