Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Get Em Mamis - The Road To TerAwesome

It's funny, I've been writing about these girls for like 4 years, back from when they had a 3rd member and were called Tha Plague, but I never actually met them until a few weeks ago, outside Sonar at the Paused In Time release party. And they were really just hilarious, I think they were more excited to meet me than vice versa, which is ridiculous. Their set that night was really good and reminded me that I hadn't sat down yet to listen to their latest mixtape, which is a appetizer for their upcoming official album (I have no idea what TerAwesome means). The mixtape has 6 tracks with Darkroom Productions (including "When U See Us" from The Wire's soundtrack and last year's popular single "Cold Summer"), as well as the club-flavored "Your Boyfriend Do" produced by DJ Excel and "Roc With Me" produced by DJ Booman. And if you heard their freestyles from last year's "Cold Summer" campaign some of those are on there. Really this holds together about as well as an album and really raises my expectations for their LP. The City Paper ran a review by Michael Byrne last month, and you can download the mixtape at G.E.M.'s MySpace. Their Twitter is also really entertaining, although I'm still not gonna give into the peer pressure from them to get one myself.

The Get 'Em Mamis - "They Joc'n" (mp3)
This is one of the Darkroom tracks, I dig that string sample or whatever it is.

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