Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wordsmith & I.N.C. The Poet - A Baltimore Martini

Last month, I posted about Wordsmith's album with Chubb Rock, Bridging The Gap and mentioned it had just come out. But I realized more recently that I jumped the gun and it was pushed back a few weeks, so it's actually officially coming out today, July 14th. And since I wanted to mention that and make sure people know it's available now, I thought I'd post about Wordsmith's other duo album that recently came out. This one's with I.N.C. The Poet, who I wasn't familiar with before, turns out he's from the UK, which I didn't realize during the whole first half of the album, then I started to hear a slight accent on track 6 and looked up where he was from. Apparently he's from a town called Martini, hence the title. Strada, who does the beats on a lot of Wordsmith's projects, is on the first few tracks here, and overall it has the same kinda sound and vibe as his other records, although it kinda feels like there's more dark, introspective topics than usual. Wordsmith also seems to kinda whisper more, but he's always had a pretty whispery flow. Anyway, good short record, nice collaborative vibe where they really seemed to write songs together and get on the same page.

Wordsmith & I.N.C. The Poet - "A Baltimore Martini" (mp3)
The title track, produced by Art Glasbeek, is probably my favorite track on the album.

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