Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Greenspan - The Recap (Federal Reserve Music Group)

Greenspan just announced that he's dropping a new mixtape, When The Sky Turns Green, in a couple weeks, and that reminded me to sit down and listen to this previous one I've had for a minute. This one's pretty short, and heavy on freestyles, so hopefully the next tape is more substantial, but I've always been a fan of Greenspan and he really never drops the ball or lays down a wack verse, just a consistent dude. You can download this mixtape on DatPiff.com, and keep an eye out for the new one at Greenspan Music.

Greenspan - "IceCold Best BullShit" (mp3)
One of the things I find refreshing about Greenspan is that he checks for other Baltimore artists and incorporates their music into his releases even if he's not affiliated with or collaborating directly with them. On Got Green? he sampled Ogun's voice for a track and rapped on a Blaq Starr beat, and here he raps over the beat from Smash's local radio hit "Bit Too Much For Me." I kinda dissed that song before for having the same drums as an old Lil Jon hit, and the producer of the Smash track, Speilberg, was pissed at me about that. Really I like what he did with it, the hi-hats and the keyboards are dope, I just wish when local people got on the radio it was something more original, something you can't easily compare a mainstream song. But it's a nice beat and Greenspan sounds good on it too.

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