Tuesday, June 02, 2009

PenDragon - "I'm The Ish (Remix)" (mp3)
Mullyman - "I'm The Ish (wiRemix)" (mp3)
There's nothing new about people doing their own version of DJ Class's "I'm The Ish" at this point, but it's kind of cool to see the song kind of go through this backwards path, where now other Baltimore artists are really jumping on it after we already heard people of Kanye West or Lil Jon's stature on the track. PenDragon sent me his version, as a preview of his HomeRun King mixtape that's dropping in June, and he added some new synths and production elements to the track, which is something he does a lot and is really one of the reasons I always check for Drag's stuff, whether it's a 'freestyle' or a new song, he puts that something extra in there. Mully goes in on the original beat, but his version is really cool because he's just congratulating DJ Class and showing some pride about Baltimore and club music. It really brings home something that's been refreshing about the whole last few months, the way virtually everyone around here who knows the song loves it and seems genuinely happy for Class. I mean people talk about jealousy in Baltimore music all the time, 'crabs in a bucket' and all, but there's really been none of that here, everybody knows Class paid his dues and has a hit because he made a hit.

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