Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thanks to Sasha Frere-Jones on New Yorker mag blog and Brandon Soderberg on for shouting me out on recent posts about Baltimore club, and the music influenced by it coming out of Philly and Jersey. I'm definitely not going to lay claim to any kind of expertise or authority on the latter part, though, since I don't really listen to it, and anytime I comment on it, it turns it to some stupid us vs. them thing, as if I speak for anybody but myself. I mean I've already got Philly people painting me as some kind of crazy racial segregationist and accusing me of dissing people I've never met or written about in my life, and I've been trying to put that whole stupid debate behind me for a couple years now, so arguing any further about 'authenticity' is probably a dead end for me.

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pretty sure that comment was probably more about Tom Breihan...
i dunno, i thought that was possible too, but Tom interviewed him and totally made nice after that, whereas there's always been a more consistent history of unpleasantness w/ me.
oh ok. i don't think i was aware of anything you've written about him though
yeah, i've mostly just had e-mail arguments with the guy...i'm not quite assholish enough to go out of my way to review or blog about his music.
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