Friday, May 08, 2009

I've posted about Mullyman's "I Go Harder" a couple times already, but the highly anticipated video for the DJ Booman-produced track finally hit YouTube today. It was directed by D.C. rapper Tabi Bonney, who's always had good production values on his own videos and has managed to get some of them on TV, so hopefully this one will get some exposure like that. There was a premiere held in D.C. this week and there's gonna be one in New York in a couple weeks, so they're going pretty big with this. Watch the video and see how many artists you recognize in the cameos.

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That was dope, the song itself is so "empowering" for lack of a better word, with the right push the song could be huge. Mully is really on the right track right now, True Man Story is shaping up to be an epic album!
Great tune! Check out Mully with Skarr Akbar and ET (Tislam and EQ of Unison Collective) at Sonar on May 16 with Grandmaster Melle Mel. Would be great if Mully played a bit with DJ Booman too.
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