Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith - A Crack In The Bridge Mixtape (DJ King Assassin/

Wordsmith's collab album with Chubb Rock, Bridging The Gap, will be out nationally in just a couple weeks, on June 16th on E1 Music and Unruly Records, and the first video is already out. To warm up for that release, though, they put out this free mixtape download of songs that aren't on the album, and I gotta say it's almost as good as the album itself, and definitely worth a look. Wordsmith got a couple Baltimore artists, Articulate and Soulstice, guesting on the project, and also members of his Nu Revolution Camp crew (Kontact, Black Knight and Sly Solomon), Chubb Rock has some solo stuff, it's a nice short mix with a good balance of the 2 artists. Wordsmith and Chubb Rock will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel next Friday, June 5th.

Wordsmith f/ Articulate and Black Knight - "The New Street Kings" (mp3)
I like seeing Wordsmith and Artic link up on a track together since I feel like they've got similar musical styles and really both put out music online really consistently and make themselves accessible in that way, good combo. This track's produced by Strada, who did a lot of both the mixtape and the album.

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