Tuesday, April 07, 2009

various artists - Shittin' On The Competition (Profitt Productions)

Tha Profitt is a kid that really grinds hard in this scene, puts out music constantly, has artists signed to his label and collaborates with a lot more other artists, and runs a studio. He's doing a big show on Wednesday for his birthday and the bill's looking good, should be a fun show, so I thought I'd dig up one of the CDs he's sent me that I hadn't posted about yet. This is a compilation he put together, I love the title and the cover art, some funny shit, and there's some good music on here. The lineup has some pretty well known people (Skarr Akbar, Ogun, TestMe, Hots) and some people I'm less familiar with that sound pretty good (Young Mann & Chuck, Young Mell, Chill Mike, Bloc), a lot of times various artists compilations can just go on forever but this is a nice concise hour of music with a lot of variety.

Bossman, Reap, P, Evol & Profitt - "Currency Of Da Kings" (mp3)
This is a pretty nice posse cut, real fast frantic beat. It's just a bonus track on this CD because it originally appeared on Tha Profitt's Concept Art, which is probably my favorite project from him to date.

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Great Show!!!!
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