Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MySpace Records officially released Bossman's single "Break Me Off" on iTunes and Amazon MP3 this week. 92Q's been playing the song daily for months, and it's been one of the most popular downloads in Government Names history since I posted it in December, and MySpace is putting a bit promotional push behind the song all over the site, since he's signed to their label. So it should be interesting to see if all this translates to the song going national and selling enough to show up on any charts. As I understand it, Bossman's deal is basically that MySpace Records is releasing his singles and if they do well then Interscope will take over and start setting up an album release, so there's a lot riding on this, hopefully Baltimore will turn out to put up 99 cents and buy this one to get the ball rolling. There's also a series of videos he's doing for MySpace soon to kind of introduce himself and tell his story.

Bossman is also opening for Jim Jones at Rams Head Live this Sunday, April 19th, along with 100 Grandman, Smash and Young C.

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