Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bossman - "Break Me Off" (mp3)
This is the new One Up-produced Boss single that 92Q's been playing constantly lately. I'm not too crazy about it, personally I think he's done much better singles in the past and he needs to stop doing that high singing voice on hooks, but it beats that AutoTune track he did a few months ago and hey, people seem to like it.

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I disagree with you on this one. I like the single and the hook is good too. Also, if he is too ever put an album out he has to drop these radio type singles. He can make that Nas type stuff on his album. He needs about 4-5 radio singles. If he doesn't he will stay on the shelf forever.
Nah, I feel you, if it works for him career-wise then that's great. I'm just saying musically, I think he's done better radio-friendly singles in the past ("So Fresh" and "Ayo") and even some of his early hits weren't real obvious mainstream sounding stuff ("Oh" and "Off The Record"). If people truly love "Break Me Off" like they seem to right now, then it'll take off no matter what I say.
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