Thursday, March 05, 2009

NOE - Deal Or NOE Deal (DJ Daa One)

My review of NOE's latest mixtape is in this week's City Paper. It's got a bunch of songs with Jim Jones and other Byrd Gang dudes, including that "Swagga From Us" song that I already voiced my opinion about a while back, and there's a good track of him freestyling live on 92Q. The last track has a short 'preview' of an unnamed song which I assume is going to be his single because it's awesome and sounds like it could be huge, I can't wait to hear the full track.

NOE f/ Si-Notes and Chalie Bo - "For Starters"*
Si-Notes is a female MC from Baltimore that I first heard on Ms. Stress's last album, and she really stands out on the 2 tracks she appears on here, I wanna hear music from her.

* Blogger took down this post because of the mp3 link because of a copyright infringement notice, despite the fact that it was a track taken from a fucking mixtape released for free to the internet by a DJ, not any record label.

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