Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DJ Booman - Return To The Real EP

DJ Booman has been on such a great run lately, from the hip hop stuff with Mullyman and 410 Pharaohs to the Baltimore club stuff with his solo records and the upcoming Doo Dew Kidz album. Last summer he released The Return EP, and in November he dropped another EP with a few more new club tracks. This one's a little shorter, just 5 tracks, but it's got some joints I could see DJs really digging, including a Bmore remix of Beyonce's "Single Ladies." You can stream and purchase both of Booman's recent EPs on his MySpace page.

DJ Booman f/ Jimmy Jones - "Slick Flair" *
I listed this in my top 10 Baltimore club tracks of 2008, just because I think the way they flipped that Ric Flair sample is funny and it's a really catchy song.

(photo by Jefferson Jackson Steele)

* Blogger DMCA takedown notification strikes again, so no more mp3.

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On the 410 Pharaohs MySpace page they have a tune called "Fresh"...that shit is awesome! Wish these guys would play out occasionally.
Yeah, "Fresh" is on the album they put out last year, Jeff, you need to hear that!
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