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Ogun - Checkmate (Architects Recording Studio/Real On Purpose Ent.)

This week in the City Paper I reviewed Ogun's new mixtape, although really it's been out for a few weeks already so you should already have it. Last year we named him the best male MC in our Best Of Baltimore issue and I really feel like his work ethic and the quality of his music has been crazy for the past couple years. I wish this was a full-on album with totally new songs and all original beats, but there's a lot of good stuff I've never heard on here before, along with things I've posted on the site previously like "Repetition" with Blaq Starr and Hots and "Go Long" and stuff he's performed live a lot like "It's Alright" and "Bmore Hero." The last song "Remember Me" is dedicated to K-Swift and Mr. Wilson, and the mixtape also features XO, Skarr Akbar, EJ, and production from Ms. Tris Beats and Bernie Dozier. Also, check out Mr. Shadeed's interview with Ogun here.

Ogun f/ Mykeey and Chyna Doll - "Hustle" (mp3)
This track was produced by Kick & Snares and is probably my favorite beat on the album, it just bangs hard. The two guests on here both sing on the hook, but Ogun sounds so different on the first verse that at first I almost thought it was someone else rapping, it's like he's doing some totally new voice, but on the second verse he kinda goes back to his usual flow.

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"Ogun's new mixtape","work ethic" "I wish this was a full-on album with totally new songs and all original beats" These things don't go together sorry ogun if y'all don't know by now I'm honest its time to put out an album that's when we can say thinks like "work ethic" picking new tracks and finding ways to attack them. its time to step your game up shit or get off the pot I'm just say what other are feeling please believe that. a true fan oh and i brought this too.

First and foremost i stand by my opinion because its mine, Second of all i don't care about what you got going on I'm speaking from what i see i spent my money and i can say what i want i have that right I'm not being real or a ass whole I'm being honest that's how i feel, third if you want to be in this business you think your going to bully your way in or bully fans you must be kidding I'm not afraid of you its nothing you can do to me see ogun these guys maybe be afraid of you but I'm not. 10-12 yrs. rapping and you haven't made a mark that's sad to me maybe its your attitude good brother its best to take your lumps now because if and this is a big if you make it what are you going to do threaten all the critics look man like i said before i know more about some of y'all be you know so please don't get expose I'm not that other guy you and your boys threatened you don't want to do that so lets not go down that road please. if i hurt you feelings then I'll apologize other then that think about what you say to me as far as threatening go please.

They blocked me on elements lol
Ogun finally got some haters. Keep doing what u do my dude its obviously working. Gritty Gaaannng!
hater LOL how about a mad mutha who felt like he got cheated out his money for buying an album that was a mixtape get off his nuts you dick rider and say who you are posting Anonymous what a bitch
BmoresMayor, I appreciate having someone even more opinionated than me around to stimulate conversation, I really do. But chill out and learn to play nice, or I'll block you on here just like they blocked you on Elements.
Wow! Didn't expect this. But say what you want but that checkmate be rocking! You must have got the wrong cd.
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I apologize AL for the cussing i just hate that oh you a hater mess whenever someone speaks up.

The Cd's not bad i just want him to put out a solid project of all original material especially with all the praise he's getting heavy is the head that wears the crowned. To me i felt like i got cheated all the this is beef stuff can be thrown out the window. I pretty sure others feel the same way i have emails it seems as though people are scared to give an honest opinion and that's crazy.
I just feel its not about what you or any one else wants at the end of the day. Dude put out a solid project. That's not that common here. I try to support a lot of artist here and I have to say Ogun is one of the most consitent artist I have supported so when his album drops I will def cop it just because of what he represents for the city. And I don't rap at all I'm just 1 dude who loves my city.
wtf lol I love you Ogun! Do you sweety! You the shit baby! It's alrighhhhhttt!!
You got a heated one going on Al! Ogun what up!
lol don't blame me for this shit!
nawh I dont blame you for this. He the same dude that was "being opinionated" @ ya boy on illroots. he is very emotional.
Comments from

baltimore mayor Says:
November 26th, 2008 at 11:14 pm

Harm City’s King naaaaah dude didn’t Earn that title Who he beat?

November 30th, 2008 at 6:34 am

So its hate because i don’t see him being the king well let me ask you this is he better than skarr, mully, or bossman how about ogun ? these guys are proven where in the underground has he grind at? tell me when he has a show so i can see for my self how the people react I’m not hating i think he’s okay but king hell no its not hate its my opinion and as a consumer its my right to have one. oh what about los man i could go on but I’ll stop.

"being opinionated" Its my right

he is very emotional HOW? because i said how i felt? if you guys were as good as some of you think you are you would be selling some records right?

see the thing is i didn't say your music was bad i just didn't understand the king part. i even spoke up for you on that other site to see why your peers don't reach out to you more like i said before I'm not going to just pat you guys on the back for everything y'all do but I'm not going to hate neither if you music's hot i'm going to BUY IT WITH MY MONEY because i feel like you should support it if you like it. so to all of the artist its like this i voted for Barack but the minute he does something i don't understand or agree with I'll voice my opinion its my right that does mean i don't support him over all. that's what y'all need to understand. everyone who pushes you down isn't trying to hurt you and everyone who tries to lift you up isn't trying to help you.
I've always told Drag that I don't think it's cool to run around call himself "harm city's king" but it's all good, doesn't really matter. A guy who calls himself "bmore's mayor" criticizing him for that is rich, though. This guy needs to calm down and look at this twice a day:
I've got to say something, forget what y'all saying. Music isn't just voals on a beat. Ogun after 10 odd yrs you should realize that. I ain't gonna tell you what to do but all i hear on your tracks are "VOCALS ON A BEAT," so bmore mayor tell em what is, be "REAL ON PURPOSE."
Well al shipley you are officially a blogger now. I can't call you a journalist because you clearly have shown you are partial, and incapable of giving real non objective journalism. Your job is to moderate and as a reader you got just as juvenile as most of the other posters on this board. I read a lot of blogs, and some of you clearly are too sensitive. If you guys are tripping off of this you could never handle being on a major site where thousands of people read and chime in. More importantly if you were really making moves you wouldn't have time to go back and forth on a blog all day. Leave that to fans. If you had fans doing this over you that's something to talk about! But these are artists online bitching. The mayor maybe rude, but he makes valid points. He's the first here but there are a thousand mayors on a lot of these blogs. This is sad because when people come to this site this will be the first thing they see!
Hey "just a reader": I write objective journalism when I'm being paid to by a publication, and in that arena I put facts first. But, like the overwhelming majority of other professional writers I know, I also enjoy blogging and all the messy gray areas that go along with that, which include being blunt and opinionated and maybe a little juvenile sometimes. If you notice from my comments on my post, I wasn't 'partial,' I wasn't rushing to the defense of an artist, I was just telling an asshole he was being an asshole. And you gotta understand that this particular asshole had been taxing everyone's patience on the Elements Party board for the past 3 weeks, so when he showed up on my site I didn't feel like playing nice. If all you saw is the comments on this post, you don't know the half of it. So in the spirit of this bustling marketplace of ideas, I say to you, anonymous commenter: fuck you, for laying that judgement on me based on this silly exchange.

And for what it's worth, if this was a big-ass popular site with hundreds of comments like Nah Right, I would just let people go ahead and have their conversation and not intervene unless absolutely necessary. But since this is, for better and for worse, a smaller site with a narrower focus, comments are few and far between, and each individual comment has a more significant presence in the eyes of the reader. So yeah, I feel a little more obliged to get involved and chop it up a little. Why shouldn't I? Out of fear that someone will say I'm "officially a blogger now"? Fuck outta here.
AL how was i being an asshole? Is it Honestly because i don't sugar coat my opinion? I just want to know really. Hey, can anyone answer this question for me please?
You're right, "asshole" might not be the right term. How about "obnoxious attention whore who has no concept of how to initiate and carry on a stimulating conversation on the internet without getting on everybody's nerves"?
shut the fuck up hater u must want to suck oguns dick and he wont let u you fuckin pussy
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