Thursday, February 12, 2009

DJ Excel - Singles & Remixes (Bmore Original Records)

Since last year's Friday Night Bounce LP, which I was a big fan of, DJ Excel has put up a couple kind of smaller stopgap releases up on the Bmore Original site in the past few months. This one, Singles & Remixes, is just a compilation of some of his recent singles and remixes, so obviously the title is self-explanatory. I wasn't really sure what to expect from it, since the only song I was previously familiar with was "Pop That Kitty," which, I'll be honest, I really hated and thought sounded like a bad knockoff of all the "crank that" songs that came out in the wake of Soulja Boy. But fortunately the rest of this album covers a pretty wide gamut of all the different stuff Excel does, including straight up Baltimore club and some kind of retro house and a lot of other little bits of other genres that pop up in the samples. I dig the remix of "Love Lockdown," and I don't even like that song generally. Michael Byrne also reviewed the album in the City Paper last month.

DJ Excel - "Bmore A.D.D." (mp3)
This one's a real doozy, 11 minutes long and kind of runs through several different sections. One of the early parts in the song has some samples of Bossman's voice.

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