Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some stray news items and links:

- Above is a new YouTube interview with Blaq Starr.

- has recently ran posts about PenDragon and Mania Music Group's Ron G.

- On my other blog Narrowcast, I listed the best shows I saw in 2008, which included performances by Soul Cannon, K-Swift, Blaq Starr, Dru Hill, Diablo, Rod Lee, Mullyman, Skarr Akbar, Comp, Little Clayway, Teop, Heavy Gold, 1st Family and Huli Shallone.

- Recent reviews by some of my colleagues at the City Paper: Brandon Soderberg on Blaq Starr, Bret McCabe on Ms. Stress, and Michael Byrne on DJ Excel.

- Some other stuff by Brandon Soderberg: a No Trivia post about Scottie B., and a Fresh Cherries From Yakima post about songs by Midas, the Chavy Boys, DJ Excel, E Major, B.O.M.B., DJ Booman, Ray Lugar, Mullyman, and Ron Rico.

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