Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Boy Blesst - Lockdown II: In My Skin (Reign Music/DJ 5 Starr)

This is the sequel to the last mixtape I heard from The Boy Blesst, last year's Lockdown Vol. 1, which he sent to me from ATL where he's been staying lately. This has the song "Barry White" that I posted the video for a while back and some other dope new songs, although it's still largely a freestyle mixtape. The mix is really kinda bad on this, just sounds kinda cheap and muddy, but Blesst is a pretty talented, charismatic MC so his words kinda cut through the tracks anyway.

The Boy Blesst f/ Debonair Samir - "Won't Stop Rockin'" (mp3)
Samir made a banger here, nice Run DMC sample hook.

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