Monday, March 05, 2007

The Boy Blesst - Lockdown Vol. 1 (Reign Music Inc./Styx Music)

I'd mostly only heard The Boy Blesst on Achitects' Street Radio mixtapes before and liked those tracks, and posted one, "Talk Radio." So I was definitely happy to hear from the man himself a couple months ago and have him send me his mixtape. He raps in kind of a conversational style but can really really flow, and he just kills the "Grammy Family" beat and a lot of other tracks on here. Actually, his voice reminds me of Diablo just a little bit. Blesst's official album Show-N-Prove is supposed to drop this Spring.

The Boy Blesst - "My Resolution" (mp3)
This song is just crazy, best beat on the mixtape, and I feel like he's really speaking some truth here about the whole Baltimore scene, "I popped up around the time Comp got signed/ Backland dropped rhymes, and NEK started the shine/ and the underground was little to none/ and airplay was a monopoly, all we got is Radio One."

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Shout out to the Boy Blesst ya know y...cause T.A's the Gang...and Blesst is fam ya dig. Do ya thing homie we see u. Baltimore Baby!
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