Saturday, November 29, 2008

Young Dip - You See Me? (IMP Records/BHood Movement)

I've written about Young Dip a few times on here, including that "D.T.T.W.C." song I couldn't shut up about. I finally got his '07 solo mixtape earlier this year, and it has its moments, although I know a few of the tracks already from the IMP Records compilations, including one featuring Mullyman. It's funny how it already seems almost old-fashioned to hear a dude like him on a Joe Budden/Dipset-type sound, but he ain't bad at it.

Young Dip - "Jeezy Freestyle" (mp3)
I like that line that goes "I'm two levels, no, matter fact, scratch that/ I'm two levels and a flight of stairs past that."

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