Sunday, November 02, 2008

Rod Lee - Volume 7: Club Armageddon (Club Kingz Records)

It's an event in Baltimore club music anytime Rod Lee releases an album, especially a new album amidst all the reissues of his early albums this year, and this one has been getting hyped up since way back before the new Club Kingz Music Store on Park Avenue opened in August. And like his last album of new material, 2007's The Producer, nearly every song is a Rod Lee production, which is something very few Baltimore club producers can do, especially with just recent tracks, although there are a couple tracks produced by Booman and Jimmy Jones, and vocal performances by D.O.G. and B Gibbs. It's not all new stuff, a few of the same songs ("Let The Freaks Loose," "Enjoy Yourself," "MySpace Chick," the "Dance My Pain Away" remix) also appeared on The Producer, but those are mostly hot songs that still get play from other DJs so I can't knock it.

Rod Lee - "Count Down" (mp3)
I've been loving this track lately, kind of a different sound for a Rod Lee track, some funky little textures going on in the beat.

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Rod Lee has great release parties. Almost like his friend Tittsworth. When Tittsworth 'Twelve Steps' album dropped he had Ete D'Amour at Santos Party House.

Most celebrities make a huge deal of releases and they should. Therefore, they throw the most brilliant parties. I last heard that Snoop Dogg threw a release party in New York for his newest album The Blue Carpet Treatment.

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