Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ms. Stress - Flipside (Arsonists Camp)

You may know Ms. Stress as the Madame of Murdaland and just generally one of the best, most aggressive female MCs in Baltimore, and her new album, her first since she joined up with Arsonists Camp, is a definite improvement over her first album. I still think that in some ways she's better as a raw live performer than as a recording artist, and sometimes her voice sounds strained on these songs, but there are a few tracks where I think she really realizes her potential. The beats are by The Banga Donz, G-Major, D.Fos and 1st In Time Productions, and there are guest appearances by Midas, UnReal, and Tufflon Donna, among others.

Ms. Stress - "P's & Q's" (mp3)
This track is a lot of fun, dope hook and sample, good flow.

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