Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ms. Stress - Surviving Life (Stressed Out Entertainment)

Ms. Stress is one of the female MC's I interviewed for my Ladies First story in the City Paper's Big Music Issue over the summer, and I've seen her perform live a bunch of times. She's, of course, the two-time champ of the Madame Of Murdaland battle, which is probably what she's best known for. But I never got a chance to pick up her album that came out last year, until I realized recently that it's for sale on iTunes when I was putting together my Baltimore hip hop iTunes playlist . I was really impressed with Sean Toure when I saw him live back in May, but I haven't gotten my hands on any of his records yet, so it's good to hear his production all over this album, and his guest verses on a couple songs. I think Ms. Stress's next album Flipside is due out pretty soon.

Ms. Stress f/ Sonny Brown and Ogun - "Almost Made It" (mp3)
I love hearing these 3 artists on one track together!

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