Sunday, November 23, 2008

Me'Aze Millioni - Music Without Voice - Instrumental Album (Jam Eazey Entertainment)

Me'Aze Millioni is someone I've known in the Baltimore scene for a few years now, since back when she was known as "Bosslady," as a promoter and label owner and generally just a person doing a lot of different things related to music without being an artist herself. But in the past year or two, she's shown some ambition as a producer, and I think she's collaborated with some MCs here and there and gotten some beats out there, but I hadn't really heard her work much until I got this new all-instrumental album she just released, which is available on It's kind of along the same lines as Ron Rico's instrumental CDs, but a little less developed, aesthetically or technically, since she's a less experienced producer. I don't know if she's got an eye on selling these beats to artists or if she completely intends them to be heard as they are here, as instrumentals, but it's an interesting record, 24 tracks covering a pretty wide variety of sounds, mostly mellow synthy beats.

Me'Aze Millioni - "Instrumental 18" (mp3)
This is the one I can probably most easily hear an MC on, it even kinda has separate sections that feel like a verse and a chorus.

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Hey Al, thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. I know I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to producing. As time goes on I will perfect my craft. I'm currently working on some tracks for a few baltimore artists, so this is just the beginning.
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