Thursday, November 27, 2008

DJ B-Eazy - The Blue Print EP Vol 1 (Club Kingz Records/Baltimore Breaks Records)

Back in June, I did a Club Beat column on DJ B-Eazy, who'd been showing up on more and more Baltimore club mixes over the past year and getting radio spins with his remixes of "Ayo Technology" and "Party Like A Rock Star." I posted one of my favorite tracks of his, "Clap Your Hands," on here a while back. He's a young guy, very cool and personable, I think he got into club music through DJing and then started producing, and hooked up with Rod Lee's Club Kingz label, which released this EP on vinyl and CD, 6 full unmixed tracks, newer stuff so not really his best known tracks (although there is a remix of "Attention March," which is a pretty big one).

DJ B-Eazy - "The Rumble" (mp3)
This is a cool way to start the EP, big nasty synth riff. You've heard the "let's get ready to rumble" sample a hundred times before, but it sounds pretty ill on here.

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