Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pro & Reg - Life Of A Vagabond (Pro And Reg Records)

Regulus and Proton are a rap duo who I reviewed an EP by in the past, and I recently listened to a free podcast they put on their website in advance of their new album. But even after listening to that stuff, as well as this album, Life Of A Vagabond, a couple times, I'm not totally feeling their sound. I dunno, it probably seems like I almost never give props to white rappers, in Baltimore or otherwise, maybe I come across as one of those self-loathing white hip hop fans, but I'm just going by what I like to hear, and these guys have totally different tastes, all that talk about "the elements" and those kind of blocky, halting old school flows, it just doesn't resonate with me. There's a couple real strong tracks on here, a few moments where I kinda connect, but overall I wasn't really rocking with this album.

Pro & Reg - "Loly Gag" (mp3)
I like this one probably the most, nice low key beat and relatable concept, good flows in the 2nd verse.

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