Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pro & Reg - Bricks 2 Bmore EP (Pro & Reg Records)

Pro & Reg are a couple dudes that have been part of the whole Elements Party scene in Baltimore and have been performing a lot lately. A while back, they sent me an advance copy of this CD, which I think was released in May. Even though they call it an EP, it's almost 50 minutes long and has 10 songs, so it's really practically a full-length album. I'm not sure exactly how to describe their style, it's kind of conscious and old school. When I wrote about them in Noise a few months back in my rundown of Bmore hip hop releases in of early '07, I referred to them as backpacker rap, which I probably shouldn't, since cats seem to get really offended by that label these days. Anyway, Check out Pro & Reg on MySpace.

Pro & Reg - "Real Ain't Always Right" (mp3)
I like this song, it actually make a pretty convincing, logical argument about why rap lyrics should do something for the community instead of just being amoral gangsta shit. Not that I don't think lyricists shouldn't be able to rap about whatever the hell they want, though.

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