Wednesday, October 08, 2008

OK, here's another random links post of stuff I've been meaning to put up on here:

- Metromix Baltimore has an interview with Labtekwon about his new album Di Na Ko Degg, which I haven't heard yet but is supposed to be really good. Thanks to Rob for the link.

- I didn't catch this until recently, but the April issue of The Urbanite had a really good Baltimore club article by Stephen Janis, which included interviews with Rod Lee, Shawn Caesar and Scottie B. As many club music features as there have been over the years, this is by far one of the best and most insightful and accurate I've seen.

- is now doing a monthly online DMV mixtape series showcasing hip hop from the whole D.C./Maryland/Virginia area. They asked me for some contributions to represent Baltimore a while back but I didn't wanna submit other peoples' music without their knowledge so I'm just throwing it out there for folks to take the initiative themselves. The August edition had a Blaq Starr track and the September edition had XO and Articulate, but in general there's not nearly enough Baltimore stuff on them so hopefully there'll be more to balance out the Washington stuff on future editions.

- Jamal Roberts of Darkroom Productions now has a blog, and he's been writing some good stuff about music and posting Darkroom tracks here and there.

- Brandon Soderberg posted a Ron Rico track on his blog a little while back.

- DJ Adam Gonzo recently sent me this zshare link for a dance music mix he did a couple years ago, which features a few Baltimore club tracks by DJ Technics, Debonair Samir and DJ Frie, among others.

- Here's a Bossman interview on YouTube where he speaks on K-Swift and some other topics.

- A couple I know has an adorable daughter named Lily, and here's a YouTube video of Lily dancing to Rod Lee's "Can I Rock" that cracks me up.

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that XO is from DC i think
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