Saturday, October 18, 2008

DJ Mic Marvelous - Deja Vu (@ttic Records/H. Ent)

Last year I interviewed DJ Mic Marvelous for my Club Beat column, and around the same time got this double CD he put out, which is one disc of throwback Baltimore club, and one disc of newer stuff. I talked about the mix in my contribution to XLR8R magazine's Baltimore insert a few months ago, but somehow I never got around to posting about it on here until now. I have to say, I've heard a lot of throw back mixes of old school Baltimore club (or, at least, several), and disc 1 of Deja Vu is by far my favorite. The selection and pacing is just perfect, I rocked the fuck out to this. If someone wanted to hear what Baltimore club sounded like in the 90's, before all the Lil Jon samples and gunshot sound effects, this is the mix I'd play for them. Here's a track each from the two discs:

DJ Class - "Bombin' Cock" (mp3)
This one's from the throwback disc, serious classic.

K-Spin - "They Fight" (mp3)
This one's from the new disc, K-Spin's definitely becoming one of my favorite club producers these days, love the MJG sample on here.

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