Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bear - All We Got Is Us 2008 edition (For The People Entertainment)

Last year, I wrote about the original version of Bear's All We Got Is Us album, and was told at the time that it would be re-released later on. So when I finally got the re-release recently, I kinda put it to the side thinking it was more or less the same CD with some minor changes. And after I saw Bear open for Beatnuts at the Ottobar, I decided to listen to this and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not only almost a completely different album, but also a far superior one. It keeps three songs from the original, as well as a few of the archival freestyles by Bear's late friend Young Jit, but everything else is new, and this really might be my favorite album from For The People Entertainment to date. The label's production team is just getting stronger and stronger and Bear's got this kind of thoughtful, low key personality that comes across really well here with the right songs, the right concepts, the right beats. EJ guests on the track "We Bosses," although he's not credited in the liner notes.

Bear - "Don Cornelius Shit" (mp3)
The fact that his 2 nicknames are "Don Cornelius" and "Bear" kinda makes me wonder if he's a fan of Achewood.

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