Thursday, September 18, 2008

M.C.F. - U.S.A. Tonight

M.C.F. (which stands for "Money Comes First") is the name of a hip hop group from Baltimore, and I first heard them when their song "Liquor Bottles" appeared on the B-More Vibe Magazine mixtape last year. The group is comprised of the rappers R.A.W. Leaf, General Milzz, and Sylence, and this mixtape features solo tracks from each as well as some posse cuts. R.A.W. Leaf is also a producer, and did a handful of tracks for this release, which also features a lot of freestyles over industry beats. I don't feel like I learned too much about these guys from listening to this release, it's solid and they've got some skills but it's all just a little generic, from the name of the group on down to the general sound and lyrics, although R.A.W. Leaf's got some nice beats. Maybe later there'll be solo releases and I can get a better idea of who these guys are individually. The whole release is available for free download on

Sylence - "Slide" (mp3)
This one's a Sylence solo track but he beat is by R.A.W. Leaf, definitely my favorite on here.

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