Sunday, August 31, 2008

Got a bunch of random links and music I've been meaning to post for a minute:

- Blaq Starr has a new single called "Bang Hard" that you can hear all over the place, including YouTube, it's one of his slower hip hop type tracks.

- Greenspan was recently featured in the Sun's free daily, B.

- In a post on my other blog, Narrowcast, about the St. Louis production team the TrackBoyz I posted an old song they did with Comp that was on one of his early mixtapes.

- DJ Booman has a great two part "diggin' in the basement" video on YouTube where he shows off his crazy vinyl collection. The basement looks familiar to me, I believe that's actually Ray Lugar's house but I guess he lets Booman keep his vinyl there.

- This blog has a track with PenDragon rapping over a video game sample.

- This guy Smash a.k.a. T-Mac has a song on his page called "Too Much 4 Me" that 92Q's been playing on the daily, thought I'd link that real quick since I'm kinda diggin' it and it's been forever since I can remember the station playing a song by a local artist that was new to me. The beat is pretty much a jack of Lil Jon's "Get Crunk" with some keyboards added, but that song is one of my all-time favorites from the past few years, so that's cool with me.

(photo of Blaq Starr at Artscape by Al Shipley)

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