Sunday, August 17, 2008

Diamond K - Baltimore Club Music Unleashed (High Rolla Records)

I've interviewed Diamond K a couple times in the past couple years, first for my Club Beat column and then more recently for my City Paper feature about Baltimore internet radio, to discuss his show. After the last time I talked to him he mailed me a copy of this album. I like Diamond K's Baltimore club DJ sets, like the one he did on the bonus disc for the Club Music Is The Future DVD. So I was kinda disappointed that it's more of a hodge podge of club tracks, rapping, and singing, more like the High Rolla Records Compilation, which was a little weird considering the title of this release. I'm not sure what it is that bothers me about some of these tracks, I think it's that the vocals are kind of badly recorded, I don't know if it's the engineering or the quality of the microphone they're using (or a lack of mastering), but the vocals all tend to sound kind of tinny and flat and stick out of the track in an unpleasant way. There's still some good, fun dance tracks on here, though. This album's available on both iTunes and CD Baby, and there's lots more straight up club music releases on

Diamond K f/ Miss Tony - "EA EA (2008 Remix)" (mp3)
R.I.P. Miss Tony, Diamond K was one of the producers that used to work with him back in the day and it's cool to hear him update one of those classic old tracks.

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