Wednesday, February 20, 2008

DJ Booman f/ Ray Lugar, Lic Shots and Mullyman - "Move Over" (mp3)
Booman e-mailed this track out a couple weeks ago, and when I finally got around to hearing it, I was blown away. Sick beat, great lineup, straight hip hop and no club music (and I've always wanted to hear more of his hip hop production), and the biggest surprise is that Booman himself spits the first verse. I didn't really know he rapped, and he's so soft spoken in person that I definitely didn't know he'd go in like this sounding mean as hell, "I got niggas nice with them hammers, I call 'em Thor/ if you weak in Baltimore, then we call you a whore/ independent game is lovely, man, fuck them labels/ what you bringin' to the table if I'm bringin' the table?" Good to hear him and Ray Lugar on a record, too, since Booman always DJs at Team Fifty events. So Booman is dropping a solo album full of collabs like this, and he and Labtekwon, who are dropping the 410 Pharoahs album in June, are performing at the Ankh Ba Records "410 Funk Night" at the Knitting Factory in NYC next Tuesday, February 26th. This really might be my favorite track out of Baltimore so far this year, but hey, y'all got 10 months to try and top it.

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