Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A brief update about yesterday's sad news about the death of DJ K-Swift:

- The Baltimore Sun's Sam Sessa wrote an obituary that ran in today's paper, and he quotes me in there a couple times. It's become clear in the past day or so that she died of neck injuries from an accident in her home swimming pool. Sam is also looking for anyone who was there to come forward to shed some light on the circumstances surrounding her death. Likewise, anyone that knew her and would like to speak to me for the City Paper's coverage of this story, feel free to contact me.

- I wrote a review of Artscape on the City Paper's Noise blog, including K-Swift's set on Saturday night. I'm not sure if she played any clubs later that night or on Sunday before she passed away, otherwise I guess that was the last DJ set she ever played. Either way I'm happy I got to see her spin one last time, and the above photo (with Buck Jones) is one that I snapped during the set.

- I also wanted to try and help straighten some things out about the confusion regarding K-Swift's age, which I may have contributed to myself. In most of her official bios, her birthdate is listed as 10/19/80, which would make her 27, so I put "1980-2008" in my post yesterday, which I think a lot of people assumed made her 28. But Sam Sessa got her true birthdate, 10/19/78, directly from K-Swift's mother, so she was 29.

- Some more ran obituaries and articles about her death, including some from national publications and media outlets that I was actually kind of surprised to see observe the passing of a DJ from Baltimore: Vibe, XXLmag.com, Aural States, WJZ, Idolator, and I'm sure a whole lot of other blogs and papers I haven't seen yet.

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allhiphop.com has one as well

Peace & thanks for your work. Since moving to ATL your blog has kept me connected! Here is a great K0Swift post @ Mad Decent. R.I.P. the one and only Club Queen!

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