Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Born King - The 8th Of June (Symbol Of Greatness/Mad Thinkah Productions)

Last Halloween, Born King released the album Krad Edis, and less than a year later he came back with The 8th Of June, which was released, well, on June 8th. It's only 33 minutes long, but I like the whole approach of dropping shorter projects more frequently. He still has kind of an esoteric, conspiracy theory element to his lyrics, but I feel like he's evolving and expressing a more coherent personal philosophy on this one. Right now he's got the album on sale at the Sound Garden, and also at He had a song up on his MySpace page a few weeks ago called "Mission Statement" that I thought was great, and that's what got me hyped up to go buy the album, but then once I took it home I realized the song wasn't even on the album. And it's not even on the site anymore, but apparently he's gonna drop another album this Halloween, and he told me he might put that song on there.

Born King - "MC Squared" (mp3)
This beat is crazy, I'm not sure if Born King does his own production, if not he needs to give his producers some shine and credit them on the albums.

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