Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Born King - Krad Edis (Street Legal Entertainment/Mad Thinkah Productions)

Born King is an MC that I first heard a couple years ago when Me'Aze "Bosslady" Millioni gave me a CD of his solo material, and featured his song "Blue Lights" on a compilation she put out. He puts some pretty intelligent, thoughtful content in his lyrics, but he also has a tendency toward weird vague Satanic themes and conspiracy theory type stuff that crops up on this album here and there, which was released this past Halloween, and is available at the Sound Garden and a bunch of other local stores.

Born King - "Wake Up Call" (mp3)
This is the last track on the album and it's over 7 minutes long, starting with Born King rapping a verse or two about the situation of independent artists in Baltimore who get no support from radio or anything like that. Then the music fades out, and the rest of the track is just a discussion between Born King and someone else, not sure who, talking about the City Paper's 2006 Big Music Issue and touching on a bunch of other topics.

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