Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wale and Scottie B. - "The Bmore Club Slam" (mp3)
Wale is a rapper from Washington, D.C., and I never really cover D.C. artists on this site because I feel like I know the Baltimore scene and that's a whole other scene that deserves coverage from people that know it better. But Wale is a pretty dope rapper who's gotten a lot of buzz lately, and has some Bmore connections (he did a track with Darkroom Productions that was one of the better tracks on Hamsterdam Vol. 2 last year), and on his new mixtape he did this Baltimore club track with Scottie B. that came out pretty good. PenDragon sent it to me the other day and I also recently saw dudes like Brandon Soderberg and Tom Breihan write about the track. I haven't heard the whole mixtape yet, hopefully it's good, the fact that he's aligned with cornballs like Mark Ronson and Catchdubs makes me kinda suspicious that his album's gonna get fucked up the way all of Ronson's terrible sample ideas ruined the Rhymefest album, but who knows, could turn out alright. Anyway this track is dope, it's funny how he addresses the whole kind of D.C. vs. Baltimore type tension that sometimes goes on and complains how 92Q doesn't play his records, but really as hard as it is for even Baltimore artists to get played there, I dunno what chance a D.C. artist has. He shouts out K-Swift, Mark Clark, Jay Claxton, Pork Chop, Bossman, Mullyman, I think Los and some more Baltimore folks on the intro.

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thanks for the link!
I'm suspicious of Wale, especially with the Ronson and other douchebags connections too.

The other thing about not getting 92Q play is, does Wale get DC radio play either? I don't hear him on 95.5 or 93.9 whenever I listen...
Those stations are probably the first place I heard dude, I don't know if he's ever been in heavy rotation but they definitely play him.
Wale is hooked up with Kenny Burns (former Rockafella) - OFFICAL!

Dude is SOOOOOOOOOOOO talented!!! Dont sleep on him cause you hear the silly songs.

I liked him when he was on some conscious spoken word ish.....he is a deep brother- very passionate and animated. When I heard his new material aka "Mr. Nike Boots" I was a little worried, but with time....I've grown to respect the dude's versatility tremendously.

Oh noooooo...if he is hooked up with some clowns (ronson, etc)...its probably to improve his crossover appeal.

He was on David Letterman with the Roots and Chrissette Michelle a few weeks ago and kilt it. They let him shine.

And yes...he gets spins and love in DC. Id love to see Bmore embrace him. He has a great team behind him. If he cant make it with them...the game is messed up.
I think he gets as much play on DC stations as Bossman gets here. And I liked Nike Boots, not the remix though.
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