Friday, June 13, 2008

Ray Lugar - "Traditions" (mp3)
DJ Booman has really been on fire with his productions lately, "Move Over" and "Party Walk" and his new club records, so I was real excited to hear him and Ray Lugar together on a new track, especially since Booman DJs at so many Team 50 events but I don't think I've heard the two of them collaborate much. I'm curious if Ray has a new project coming anytime soon, back when I did the City Paper article on Team 50 a year and a half ago they gave me an advance copy of his Tragedy Relief mixtape but I never heard anything about it getting released so I never really wrote about it, but it was dope. This song is really on a similiar tip to that CD but it's new to my ears, Ray laying out a lot of wisdom like he always does.

(photo by Jefferson Jackson Steele)

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