Friday, June 27, 2008

I posted on Government Names about the death of Mr. Wilson of JI-900 back in the week the news first broke, but in this week's Baltimore City Paper I wrote a proper remembrance of the man, who I didn't know well, but knew that he was important enough to the community that there should be some kind of acknowledgement of his passing in the media. It's been very touching, going to shows recently at 5 Seasons and last night at Sonar, to see so many people dedicating songs to him and saying a few words or asking for a moment of silence for Michael Dante Wilson. Thank you to Sonny Brown, Vision (credited in the article as Kenneth McDowell), DJ P-Funk and Mr. Wilson's widow Tara for their quotes and pictures and blessing to write the article, I hope everyone who knew him is happy with it. I posted some of his music in the previous post, but here's some more. I posted "Realest To Run It" a couple years ago but I gotta put it up again, that might still be my favorite track off Mullymania:

Vision and Mr. Wilson - "Original Gangstaz" (mp3)

Backland and Mr. Wilson - "Close To Dem Gunz" (mp3)

Mullyman f/ JI-900 - "Realest To Run It" (mp3)

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