Sunday, June 08, 2008

R.I.P. Mr. Wilson

I wasn't planning on posting anything new on this site for another week or two to bring it out of hiatus, but after I heard the news a couple days ago, about the passing of Mr. Wilson, I knew I had to acknowledge that. As a member of the group JI-900 and the label Star Status Entertainment, and founder of events like Hip Hop 101 and the Baltimore Fresh Fest, he's had an important impact on Baltimore hip hop over the past several years, and although I only met him once or twice and heard a relatively small amount of his music, I always had a lot of respect for him and I wish I'd been better acquainted with him when he was alive. I'm getting together a little something to acknowledge his passing for the City Paper soon, so anyone that wants to contribute to that with pictures, stories, memories and details of his life, please contact me. Details about funeral arrangments are here and I believe there will be a Hip Hop 101 event dedicated to him in the near future as well. Below are a few of my favorite Mr. Wilson and JI-900 tracks, and after that, some very poignant words about Mr. Wilson by his good friend Sonny Brown:

Mr. Wilson and Mullyman - "Gutter" (mp3)

JI-900 and Mack of the Annexx Click - "4 Da Love" (mp3)

Sonny Brown, Mr. Wilson and Mo Gant - "You Ain't Shit" (mp3)

JI-900 and Little Clayway - "Play Tough" (mp3)

Backland and JI-900 - "U Better Move" (mp3)

Sonny Brown, Snoop Dogg and Mr. Wilson - "Gangsta Ish Remix" (mp3)

From Sonny Brown:

I was really sitting here and contemplating on if i should type something about my dude or if i should just chill the fuck out and just reminese over him by myself. But I feel like to all of the friends I have, i feel like maybe i should share a piece of who i considered one of my most dearest and best frie.. NAAAA... I will consider him someone closer then a friend.. i will just say my brother. I met Mr. Wilson in 2002 when i got out of jail. My homeboy and another brother of mine Will introduced us. Will kept telling me that i needed to get my album done and he knew where to record it. He kept telling me the dude that ran the studio was a real G (lol) and the nigga can rhyme his ass off so i'm like ok Will take me to the studio. Now mind you i am fresh outta jail, still in some sort of way smelling like jail, cqarrying my bag full of court papers and books and shit and i am getting ready to record my first song in a real live studio. Well, when we got there I told my man Will "Yo, this studio CLOUD 9 studio (to my folks that dont know, Cloud 9 was a real nice studio for local artist here in Baltimore) He told me "Yeah, but its MR. WILSONS NOW. I say "Mr. Wilson? what in the fuck? I heard of him. I got in the studio and the first thing i remember was the graff on the wall that read STAR STATUS ENT.. I walked down the hall and made a right and there was everybody... smoking fogs, weed, drinking, and B-ILL behind the boards banging out CRACK! B-ILL was and still is one of the best producers in bmore city 4real. The first person i met was MALIBU.. he was a cool mother fucker and to this day the same as i met him COOL! Then i met KC.. Now kenny? he was my MAN.. He knew every episode of my favorite Show SANFORD AND so we immediatly went back and forth on the show.. then i met Mr. Wilson..

Now When i met him, he shook my hand and he asked me if i had something to record. Mind you all I'm JUST GETTING HOME maybe 2 hrs ago and he already asking me if i was ready to record. I told him i did'nt have any money and he said "Man, i knew you just got home yo.. you part of a family now".. I went in and recorded '"COME ON" As soon as i recorded that we recorded a string of records.. But he ones we banged out and got the most love for was "UMMM HMM", "Ride with me" and "YOU AINT SHIT" I went from just being a nobody nigga that just got out of jail to being a dude recording with MR.WILSON and JI900.. From all the recording we just developed a unbreakable bond.. the recording actually got us into just MAKING MONEY AND HISTORY TOGETHER. Such as the Fresh fest, recording the infamous SNOOP DOGG record DOE CHEESE, Blammy awards, Beat battles, HipHop 101, Madame of Murdaland battles, constructing his first video to do 2 years on BET UNCUT and so on and so forth.. IF IT WASNT FOR MR. WILSON I WOULDNT OF NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT HOSTING EVENTS. Pfunk gave me the oppurtunity.. If it wasnt for Wilson and my dude Excel i wouldve retired from the rap game and jumped back to selling drugs again.. But he always told me.. "yo god gave you a gift that alot of people dont have.. so use your gift and show the world who you are". I use to think that was corny. But it in some sort of way made sense. I learned alot from him.. I learned what true friendship meant. I learned what loyalty meant. I learned how to love my family better and Most of all My business mind sharpened all because of him. Sometimes you meet people in life and you never know why you let them in.. Then you just sort of get used to them.. then its like you gel with them.. i talked to this dude like 6 times a day EVERYDAY.. then one day.. i just didnt call him because of my situation then 1 week went by in he's in the hospital in a induced coma.. I know people say that one day your here and the next day your gone thing.. it really makes since but you know what? In a few months i may heal.. and i may take for granted life like we all do from time to time.. I refuse to do it again. I know i came back and i promised to do more with myself.. But now? I have absolutley no choice right now.. Its always something, first my leg now this.. I am REALLY on a mission to do well and feed my friends and family. I watched this dude say he wanted a 2004 S500 benz and frommoney at hiphop 101 and our many legal hustles he got one..... In 2 weeks. I watched him do EVERYTHING he wanted to do and then some, He's gone so now i have to live for him and myself. Damn this shit hurts man.

I will make sure that his name is'nt in vain. I am bringing back HipHop 101 because i know if he never got sick then he wouldve kept it going. i am going to keep STAR STATUS going because he actually managed me before my personal manager Mika and i am the President of that label. I am going to do a fresh fest this year.. Why? because he started them and i will continue to make that happen.. And last but not least I am bringing the 2nd annual WILSON BLAMMY AWARDS because again if he was here he wouldve done it. And the funny thing is I was told i wasnt going to be able to pull it off in the 2 weeks it took me to put it all together and regardless on how sloppy it went.. It was a success... So just imagine whats gonna happen now that i know what to I hate fucking i feel like i need to be doing ALOT of things on my own and or with the help of my family such as VISION, MALIBU, KD, BACKLAND, WILL, MANNY, BMORE BRIAN, LOKEY, BRIAN, KENNY, JFUNK, RASHAWN, JABRIL, B-ILL WIDOW,PFUNK, DJ EXCEL, MISSY, SONJA, MIKA,TYREIKA, and OMAR LITTLE. We will not let your name go in vain Wilson. For you guys that didnt know him.. you felt him because his hand was in EVERYTHING. I wish i couldve went to that HELL RELL joint LAST NIGHT because HELL RELL was his favorite emcee.. but it aint official until i speak on him They might of said something about him but shit dont matter unless I SONNY BROWN speak on what he did so fuck it .. I love you Mr. Wilson.. you are and will always be my best friend/brother and you truly will be missed.. Man i cant stop crying yo but i know your plight here was completed and you are now in your rightful place with god! I love you yo!

Either myself or Rashawn from Welding ent will be letting everyone know where the arrangments will be held so just keep the family in prayer and in spirit. If anyone would like to make monetary donations to Mr Wilson or send flowers of condolences or anything please call this number 443-803-3885 and ask for CHRIS. Once again, if you want to make MONETARY DONATIONS AND IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEND CARDS AND OR FLOWERS OF CONDOLENCES PLEASE CALL 443-803-3885. Mr. Wilson was more then just a person in this community but he helped out alot within the community and paved the way for alot of you young emcess trying to get up in the game.. So I know 4sure if some of you cats cant at least send a card or something for a real legend man dont even bother to holler at me.. If you just want to talk and let at your feelings about him you know how to reach me..

Love is Love and always remember him!

Sonny Brown

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