Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tha Profitt - B-More's #1 White Boy (Profitt Productions)

Last year, this kid Tha Profitt sent me three of his mixtapes, and I wrote about the one that was the most recent at the time, Baltimore Entrepeneur, and a few months later saw him at the BMore Vibe mixtape release party, where he put on a crazy energetic live performance. I came across this CD at I guess another show a while back, but hadn't really taken the time to listen to it or think about writing about it, until I heard from Tha Profitt last week, and he told me that he just dropped a double CD from his group project, and a new solo mixtape that he's sending me soon. So I was like shit, this guy's work ethic is impressive, I gotta go write about this last CD before the new ones reach me. And actually, almost half the songs on here also appeared on Baltimore Entrepeneur, including the guest appearances by Skarr Akbar, Ogun, Ray Lugar and Heavy Gold, I guess because this CD was a little freebie that he was giving out at shows and leaving at clubs, which is how I got it. But there's 30 tracks, so there's still a lot of new music on here, including a collab with Comp, and most of the repeat songs are dope enough that I can understand him wanting to use them again. Check out Tha Profitt's MySpace page, which lists a bunch of upcoming live dates at Sonar and the Black Hole Rock Club.

Tha Profitt f/ Skarr Akbar - "Give 'Em Somethin'" (mp3)
I know Skarr hosted his new mixtape and they've got some more material together that I'm looking forward to, because this song is ill. Congrats to Skarr on all the radio play he's been getting by the way, support from 92Q for him is long overdue.

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