Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tha Profitt - Baltimore Entrepeneur (Profitt Productions)

Tha Profitt is an MC that contacted me recently and sent me three mixtapes that he's released in 2006/2007. This is the newest one that he just did a release party performance for recently, but the other two, Milk Money and Bak Of My Mind are pretty good too. I've been listening to all three lately and it's kinda crazy how much music this kid's put out in just the past year. I think he does his own beats, too. The new one is real heavy on features and he got some of my favorite Baltimore artists on here, Skarr Akbar and Ogun and Ray Lugar and Heavy Gold, and drops from Mullyman and Golden Seal and Ms. Tris Beats. So you know this guy is a fan and a student of the Baltimore rap scene, and I relate to that. He played at Mic Life Wednesdays last week and I was there, but I didn't know he was gonna perform and left before he went on, so I regret that. Check his MySpace page and listen to a couple of my favorite tracks, "Your So White" and "Give Em Somethin" f/ Skarr Akbar.

Tha Profitt f/ Ray Lugar - "Gettin' Grip" (mp3)
I like how Ray and Profitt go back and forth on this one, I wish Ray did more features.

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