Sunday, April 20, 2008

80'z Boys - The 80'z Made Me

The 80'z Boys are part of the Dirt Platoon crew, and when I saw them perform at Suite a couple months ago, this was one of the two CD's they gave me, along with one by Raf a.k.a. Mr. Marcus. The members of Dirt Platoon are Blac Spill, Tiz a.k.a. Time Iz Money, Raf and Snook Da Crook, I think just Tiz and Snook are the 80'z Boys but I'm not 100% sure about that. This CD is sick, though, definitely one of my favorite local releases I've heard lately, although I have no idea how recent it is. If the beats are all original and done by members of the group then these are some real talented guys. I thought that with the name they'd be on some annoying Juelz Santana shit, or some retro Run DMC tip, but the vibe it gives me is more of a gritty 90's Boot Camp Clik vibe, which is pretty great. Pen Dragon did the artwork for this CD, although I didn't see the cover anywhere online when I looked (edit: OK, he just e-mailed the cover to me, thanks!).

80'z Boys - "Spit On Your Grave" (mp3)
Really tough picking a favorite track, but right now it's this .

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