Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Raf a.k.a. Mr. Marcus - The Marcus Market Mxtape

Raf a.k.a. Mr. Marcus is a member of the group Dirt Platoon, who've been together since '97, but only caught my attention a couple years ago with the track "Moving" that appeared on the C Love/DNA mixtape, and Jess Harvell's review of a few of their mixtapes in the City Paper also back in '06. And I just recently finaly got to hear more of their music, when they performed at a show at Suite that I reviewed on Noise, and I talked to them a little bit and got mixtapes by Raf and two other members of the roup as the 80'z Boyz. I really dig both of the CDs, real classic hard-hitting production style, nothing fancy. I don't know how old either of them are, but I gotta post about the other one sometime soon, too. Check out Raf on MySpace.

Raf a.k.a. Mr. Marcus f/ Dirt Platoon - "Dirt Platoon" (mp3)
This song bangs, good track to name after the group.

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I see u Raf

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