Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's been over a month now since I started writing for the City Paper's music blog, Noise (at, so if you haven't been reading it, lemme just remind you of its existence.

As usual, the bread and butter of my contributions has been Baltimore hip hop coverage, including 2007's First Local Hip-Hop Highlights Part 1 (featuring Darkroom Productions, Ogun, Jade Fox, TestMe, and Height) and Part 2 (featuring NC-17, Ace, B.I.G. Status, Pro and Reg, and Mike Malachi), as well as a Q&A with Ogun and show reviews of Midas, Sonny Brown and Neuse @ the Turntable Club, For The People Entertainment (Billo, Cutthroat, Ace, etc.) with The Weak and Bmore Real @ Sonar, and The B-More Fresh Fest @ 5 Seasons with Bossman, Skarr Akbar, Mullyman, Barnes, Huli Shallone, TestMe and Chopper.

But I've also been posting a lot of other stuff, including my monthly Baltimore club music column, The Club Beat (with a Diamond K interview and a big overview of club music MP3 stores in the most recent column), and more live coverage of The Street Dreams Tour @ 1st Mariner Arena (with Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne and Baby, Jim Jones, Rich Boy, TestMe and Amazon), Grand Buffet, Human Host, Height, and New Age Hillbilly @ The Ottobar, The Roots @ the Lyric Opera House, Sparklehorse @ Ram's Head Live!, The Shamrock Festival @ RFK Stadium, Monarch, Thrushes and Minmae @ the Lo-Fi Social Club, and Trans Am and Zombi @ the Black Cat. I think we're still kind of feeling out exactly what Noise is and how it's different from or a supplement to the City Paper's music section, but I've been trying to keep my coverage diverse and not just stay in the same scenes and venues all the time, and I'm pretty happy with what I've done so far.

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All good with me except:

why did you mention P-Funk and Ogun in the same article. They didn't do any business after it was all said and done....he was never banned from any clubs. That too was a some bs.

Not all rappers need drama to validate them. The reality is....that man could have went to prison for a long time because P-Funk's wife lied on him. That has nothing to do with Ogun's musical career. I have mad respect for ya, but you seem to be fond of bringing up beef - old beef. Im not picking on you, but I am just sick of beef being bought up by rap journalists like it is slick or something. I know Ogun personally so I know for a fact that he has had a lot more important things going on than getting in a beef with a..........

Ogun's name was relevant waaay before the ugly situation you started the story with!

gimme a break!

Just like the mully and bossman beef - ITS OVA!

Otherwise, great article...your actual writing is always on's good to see the hero get some shine!
Thanks for the feedback, C Love. I can kinda see where you're comin' from, but hey, if Ogun didn't want to speak about it on the record, he could've said so and I would've dropped it. And if that situation was still ugly, I probably wouldn't have brought it up, but because I knew they'd squashed it and I thought that was a real positive, mature thing to do, I wanted to call attention to it (I agree that maybe it didn't need to be mentioned at the very beginning of the article but I wanted to give a little background up front before bringing it up later in the interview).

As for the Bossman article, I defended my choice to address the Mully situation elsewhere, but the gist of it is: I wouldn't have brought it up in a shorter article or something in a national publication, but because it was a very long article and it wouldn't been impossible to just ignore that issue, I got both sides of the story and tried to leave it on an optimistic note. I agree that beef in general is wack, so when I do find myself in a situation where I'm writing about it, I try to do so responsibly, not on some sensationalistic garbage. But I wouldn't even be able to write about beef at all if there wasn't so much of it, and I definitely don't go out of my way to persue it.
your last paragraph was the REALIST. No You know I was just speaking my mind. no disrespect. I appreciate the attention you give everyone's work...myself included.
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