Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ace - The Product (For The People Entertainment)

Ace is a member of Squadre Committee and the For The People Entertainment crew, and I just wrote about one of his mixtapes here last month. But more recently Ace sent me this album, which I like a lot more, and included in my list of 2007's First Local Hip-Hop Highlights on the Noise blog. It's all original beats and some pretty strong production, definitely one of the best releases I've heard from the label so far. I met Ace briefly at the Fresh Fest last week, and also reviewed FTP's show at Sonar a few weeks ago, and they've got another show at the Turntable Club this Friday, as you can see the flyer is above.

Ace - "Murda Shit" (mp3)
This is probably my favorite track on here, along with the song with Billo.

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