Monday, February 26, 2007

Ace - Built 4 This Volume One (DJ Jabril/Surface II Air Street Media/For The People Entertainment)

Ace is the 4th artist from For The People Entertainment that I've heard a solo CD from in just the past 6 months or so, so I'm really respecting that whole camp's grind right now. A lot of rap labels in Baltimore are centered around one or two artists, or only really promote one of them, but FTP's artists are really out there putting out music, from Billo to Cutthroat to Bear to Yuk & Cut to Ace, and the whole roster is performing at Sonar on March 3rd. This release isn't really a full on mixtape, only 25 minutes long, but sometimes it's easier to be introduced to a new artist with a short release than some 80 minute CD, so I can't complain. There was an MC named Ace on the Movement Vol. 3 mixtape a couple years ago but this doesn't sound like the same guy. Good beats on here, some original tracks and some good uses of beats from slept on joints by Field Mob and Ray Cash. I love that, when the industry beats on a mixtape are obscure album tracks and not played out shit like all the freestyles over "Hustlin'" by Rick Ross or whatever. Check out For The People Entertainment and DJ Jabril on MySpace (I don't know if Ace has a page).

Ace - "Ain't No Place" (mp3)
I remember when FTP sent me some samplers of all their artists last year, there was just a snippet of this song (where it was titled "Ain't No Place In The Game For It") on the Ace sampler, and I wanted to hear more, good to finally get the whole song. Great beat, and an intense storytelling type rhyme.

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