Tuesday, March 27, 2007

NC-17 - Oscar Night (Kobra Kai Records)

Last year when I met The Homicide Rapper and he gave me his CD, he also gave me a mixtape by one of his labelmates from Kobra Kai Records that really caught my attention. NC-17 is a funny motherfucker, and he namedrops more than The Game, but his references are all about 80's sitcoms and goofy shit like that. Ee has song titles on his album like "DJ Tanner," "Bayside High," and "Maggie Simpson," so you can tell this dude's brain been rotted from watching TV his whole life, but so has mine, so I dig that about him. He doesn't really rap on the beat real well, but his lyrics are clever and, unlike 99% of rap albums, the skits are actually entertaining. And when he does get serious on a few tracks towards the end, he does that well too. His MySpace blog is real funny and well written, too. I think he's living out in Los Angeles right now, but he's from South Baltimore and reps it in his lyrics a lot.

NC-17 - "F.E.M.A." (mp3)
This is my favorite track on here, beat produced by Yessir, and NC-17 has a real swagger on this one.

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